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Tips for a successful project

We have been on both sides, the builder and the home owner, of the remodel/addition process. It is from these experiences that we share the following information. All projects take on their own challenges and pleasures. Hopefully you will find these tips helpful.

  1. 5 must dos when hiring a contractor
  2. 5 ways to have a successful project
  3. 10 tips for remodeling a kitchen
  4. Ideas for keeping your budget under control

5 must dos when hiring a contractor

  1. Look up contractor’s license number:
  2. Check references
  3. Meet the contractor
  4. Ask to see pictures of their work
  5. Ask what kind of insurance or bonding they have

5 ways to have a successful project

  1. Hire a contractor you get along with
  2. Take LOTS of pictures- It’s always a good reminder of how things used to be!
  3. Have realistic expectations of time and budget
  4. Communicate with contractor and inspect all work to make sure you are happy with the work done
  5. Be patient

10 tips for remodeling a kitchen

  1. The return on you dollars spent in the kitchen can be the highest.
  2. Keep a journal with notes and clippings of things you see in other kitchen that you like. Do this over a period of time BEFORE you are moving forward with the remodel. Include notes of what it is about your current kitchen that you don’t like
  3. It’s messy!!!
  4. Plan a temporary kitchen in another part of the house- It can be unsafe cumbersome to have your kitchen under construction
  5. Keep colors neutral for the best resale value
  6. Pack up your entire kitchen, even if you are only working on part of it
  7. Relocating appliances and/or sink can be costly- the further the utility is move, the greater the cost.
    - Gas lines
    - Plumbing
    - Major electrical
  8. Cabinets come in a large price range- resurfacing your current ones can be the most cost effective. Also consider Ikea and premade cabinets from big box stores.
  9. Make sure you include lots of outlets
  10. Choose your countertop wisely- consider the amount of maintenance different products require. This can be a fun creative place to go green

Ideas for keeping your budget under control

  1. Research your finishes- a budget can easily be busted by higher end finishes. Shop around ahead of time to get a better idea of how your taste and budget match up.
  2. Make a list of what you want and what you need That way if you find you need to cut things out of the budget, it will be less of an emotional spontaneous decision.
  3. Keep plumbing and electrical movements to a minimum
  4. Have a realistic expectation of project completion. When you get into a time crunch you tend to not worry about being economical. If you are being told something will take 3 weeks, plan on more.
  5. Ask for discounted items when shopping for items such as tile, countertops, appliances, showers/tubs, toilets, vanities… Often times people will make a special order and not purchase the item for a variety of reasons. Stores will give you a discounted price for a higher priced product. Also, if the stock of something, like tile, is low, or it’s the floor model of and item, a store will give you a discounted price just to close out the product from the store.
  6. Don’t worry about purchasing everything from one store. You can often mix and match your items from different stores, finding the best deals. There are also many discounted resources on line.
  7. Consider updating only surfaces- For example: If you have a tight budget on a kitchen remodel redoing the flooring, countertops and/or paint can make a huge difference and save you thousands of dollars. Include unforeseen costs in original budget.
  8. Include unforeseen costs in original budget.
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Tips for a Successful Project
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